All about that cake 

  • Vanilla Bean 

  • Chocolate Fudge 

  • Chocolate Mud 

  • Rich Chocolate  

  • White Chocolate Mud*

  • Caramel Mud  

  • Red Velvet

  • Sticky Date 

  • Carrot & Pecan 

  • Strawberry & Pistachio

*Some cakes, such as White Mud can be modified with the addition of other flavours ie Citrus (Orange Mud, Lemon Mud) Freeze Dried Fruits such as Raspberries or Strawberries can also be a delicious addition. 

Don't see your favourite flavour? Get in touch to discuss 

Inside & out 

  • Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream- this is my 'standard' buttercream**

  • White or Milk Chocolate Ganache- these are my 'standard' filling & covering base I use under fondant 

  • Vanilla American Buttercream is available on request

  • Dairy Free Buttercream is available on request

**Swiss Buttercream has a meringue base made using pasteurized egg whites. This is not suitable for people with allergies to eggs

Buttercream & Ganache can also be flavoured with curds, freeze dried fruits as well as other flavourings. If you have a favourite flavour/filling you can't see listed, please drop me a line & we can discuss your preferred flavoured filling. 

extra bits & Pieces 

When you feel like a little extra somethin' somethin' inside your cake

  • Crushed Freeze Dried Berries

  • Crushed Oreos 

  • Nutella 

  • Lemon or Lime Curd 

  • Salted Caramel  

  • Crushed Almond Praline