how much cake do i need?

How much cake you will need will depend on several things like...

  • The amount of people you would like to feed & the serving size you would like offer your guests.  

  • The serving size will depend on whether or not you have other food being served along with your cake- particularly other desserts. 

  •  Coffee serves are approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm. This is the most popular serving size if you intend to serve your guests other food and/or desserts & you don't wish to be left with too much cake (Is that even a thing??!) 

  •  Dessert serves are approx. 2.5cm x 5cm x 10cm. This portion size is typically used when no other desserts are on offer or if you just realllllly like cake  

  •  Below is a guide only to compare approximate sizing- as my 'standard' cakes are 14-15cm tall- serving sizes will be slightly more- allowing you to either feed slightly more guests or feed guests slightly larger portions.  Or you know, just eat more cake yourself ;)                             

Dessert             Coffee



Pricing will vary depending on the size of cake , cake flavour, number of serves and also any decorations and/or extras on the final design...

Below is rough guide of base prices. This base price includes both buttercream or ganache filling & coverage. 

 Please note that additional charges will apply for any fondant, toppers, florals, macarons,  extra fillings, chocolate & drips etc

Standard Cakes 

My Standard height is approx. 14-15cm tall with 4 layers of cake.

5inch from $105     10-15   Coffee    5-8     Dessert 

6inch from $150     20-25  Coffee   10-12   Dessert 

7inch from $200    35-40  Coffee   18-20  Dessert 

8inch from $250    50-60  Coffee   25-30 Dessert

Extended Cakes 

My Extended height is approx. 20-22cm tall with 6 layers of cake.

5inch from $150    15-20    Coffee    8-10 Dessert 

6inch from $190    25-30   Coffee   12-15 Dessert 

7inch from $250   45-50  Coffee   22-25 Dessert 

8inch from $295   65-70  Coffee   30-35 Dessert

NB* Please note that height measurements are approximates only and will vary. 

Sweet Sixteen Ivory & Pink Drip.jpg

Example of my STANDARD 5inch 

30th Birthday Caffe Latte Buttercream wi

Example of my EXTENDED 5inch